ECCO Men's Leather Insole (BLACK)

ECCO Men's Leather Insole


9056107-00101 BLACK


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Comfortable leather insoles with inbuilt anti-bacterial foam to allow for enhanced foot hygiene and comfort. The Insole also features an attractive tanned leather lining. Absorbent materials keep feet dry even during summer. Enhanced air circulation around feet created by in-built pumping effect. Each pair is also 7 mm wider than standard insoles for extra comfort.

  • Made of soft leather that helps absorb moisture from feet
  • 2mm ECCO Comfort Fibre System™ foam
  • Perforated holes improve air circulation
  • Specially designed to fit in ECCO shoes
  • Provides a high level of comfort for your feet
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Size Guide — Men

At ECCO we are committed to make your online experience as easy as possible. The best way to make sure that your order is the right size is to measure your feet and then compare with the size chart below to find the appropriate size. Please follow these four simple steps to accurately measure your feet:

  • Size Guide Step 1

    All you need to measure your feet from heel to toe is a piece of paper, a pencil and a ruler.

  • Size Guide Step 2

    Place the paper on the floor up against a wall. Place the heel against the wall.

  • Size Guide Step 3

    Mark the longest part of your foot ont he paper. Repeat procedure with the other foot.

  • Size Guide Step 4

    Measure the length of each mark and match it with the size chart. Let the longest foot decide the shoe size.

25 39 5/5.5 6
25,7 40 6/6.5 6.5/7
26,3 41 7/7.5 7.5
27 42 8/8.5 8/8.5
27,7 43 9/9.5 9
28,3 44 10/10.5 9.5/10
29 45 11/11.5 10.5
29,7 46 12/12.5 11/11.5
30,3 47 13/13.5 12/12.5
31 48 14/14.5 13
31,6 49 15/15.5 13.5/14
31,6 50 15/15.5 13.5/14
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